101 Languages of the World 10.0

Discover the World's Common and Uncommon Languages from Arabic to Zulu
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Everyone has the facility to learn any language, sometimes just to enrich our culture knowledge; to apply this knowledge to our daily work, or when you need to travel and you want to understand and to be understood, well we can talk and describe so many things about the multiple reasons of why we want to learn another foreign language. The point is that there is in the market valuable tools to learn how to speak any foreign language. The developer of this program, Transparent Language, Inc. has in its main site plenty of foreign language software available for us, but in this review we are talking of a "big" one 101 Languages of the World, wow! Imagine 101 foreign languages for us in one software, amazing right? Well fellows, this software is available for us. 101 Languages of the World is an easy interface that puts all the tools on one screen. You will be able to have interactive dialogs and everyday conversations. When you come across something you don't understand, by clicking at a help window to get your doubts resolve and then continue without losing your train of thought. Learning to speak another language has never been easier, quicker or more fun, you have to be in the mood to learn, the developer has the tool!

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  • This software is available for Windows and Mac platforms
  • 140,000 words and 25,000 phrases (That's up to 5,000 words and 100's of sentences per language!)
  • Fully Integrated native Speaker sound for every word and sentence
  • Advanced speech analysis to speak like a native
  • Record, Playback, and Compare
  • Interactive Games
  • Listen & Speak activities
  • Personal Progress Tracking
  • SlowSound to develop listening skills


  • There is no way to have any example, you have to buy it!


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